Do you suffer from allergies or find yourself getting sick frequently? It could be the air inside your home or business. Many experts claim that our indoor air quality can be up to ten times more polluted than the air outside our home or business.

Indoor air pollution can be caused by simple items such as:

  • Pet hair
  • Pollen
  • More allergies
  • Mold and mildew
  • Paint and varnishes
  • Vehicle exhaust (entering from the outside)
  • Dust and smoke (entering from the outside)

When the quality of the air inside your home or business is compromised, you might experience some or all of the following health symptoms:

  • Dry itchy eyes
  • Runny nose/congestion
  • More allergies
  • Difficulty breathing (particularly if you suffer from asthma or bronchitis)
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

    At Excellent Plumbing, we test for and conduct an in-depth assessment for: mold, bacterial agents, and chemical contaminants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), formaldehyde, pesticides, fiberglass and silica. We test the current air quality conditions inside your home or business, so that we can determine the appropriate system that matches your situation. We do not test for asbestos, but we can refer you to companies that do, should you need.

    When you work with Excellent Plumbing, we will discuss all of the systems that we have along with their advantages and why they will be suitable for your situation. We work quickly to install the system, so that you can breathe easier and sleep better knowing that the air is cleaner and purer inside your home or business.

    Our Indoor Air Quality services include:
    1. Ultraviolet (UV) Light Air Purifiers: installed next to air filters to act as a disinfectant for your home or business (ultraviolet light kills bacteria, viruses, mold and more).
    2. Air Filtration System: to substantially improve the air quality inside your home or business.
    3. Humidity Control: install a humidifier or dehumidifier for your whole home or business

    On those hot, muggy Chicago summer days, you rely on your air conditioner to cool you down, however, air conditioning only controls the temperature, not humidity. At Excellent Plumbing, we install systems that do both - control the temperature and humidity.

    Our expert technicians can tailor dehumidifying systems according to your needs, lifestyle, and home or business. Our professionals recommend installing a dehumidifier that works for the entire home or business; one that operates alongside your air conditioner to remove the right amount of moisture from the air inside your home or business.

    We offer our Indoor Air Quality services to residents and light commercial business operators within the city limits of: Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Vernon Hills and Palatine. Please Contact Us for referrals of similar companies operating in your area.

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