AC Services in Des Plaines: Repair, Installation & Replacement

Affordable air conditioning service in Des Plaines can be hard to come by. You can trust Local HVAC and Plumbing to provide professional AC repair, installation and replacement at a reasonable cost. We serve residential and commercial customers throughout the Chicago area, where the weather varies from hot and humid to bitterly cold and snowy. Our 24-hour hotline is always open in case you have an emergency.

Air Conditioning Repair in Des Plaines

It helps to have a reliable AC contractor near you in case unexpected problems occur. We are committed to providing local support, 24/7, and our technicians can be dispatched on a moment’s notice to assess your problem. Whether there’s a dirty air filter, dirty condenser or evaporator coil or a refrigerant leak, we can address the issue. We’ll even conduct tests to identify underlying mechanical or electrical problems our technicians can fix.

You can also trust our company to check the thermostat to make sure it’s working properly and communicating with your AC system. We’ll check your ductwork for blockages and leaks as well. Whether you have a mini split, ductless or other system or window unit, we can fix any problem, no matter how big or small.

AC Installation in Des Plaines

Installing an AC can be tricky. There are many technical factors to consider; plus, there are so many choices on the market. That’s why we help find an air conditioner that’s most suited for your home or business. We consider everything from the size to capacity, to Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) of AC systems before choosing the best one to install.

We also factor in your budget to determine what is most affordable to you. The cooling and heating needs of customers in Des Plaines vary throughout the year. Our goal is to install an AC that keeps you comfortable year-round. We know that noise levels and maintenance costs are a concern for most people, but we can select and install a system based on your unique needs and long-term expectations.

AC Replacement in Des Plaines

The decision to replace an air conditioner isn’t always an easy one. People often hold on to aging system due to the price of installing a new one. But when you factor in the cost of frequent repairs and lack of efficiency, you can ultimately save with AC replacement. This should be the course of action if your air conditioner is failing and is more than 10 years old.

Since R 22 freon has been outlawed, many air conditioning systems are no longer up to code. Newer systems use R410A refrigerant, which is permissible and more energy efficient. Whether an AC is aging or incorrectly sized, we can determine the best model to replace it with. Air conditioning replacement can therefore be hassle-free and an improvement to interior comfort.

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Our company serves the heating and cooling needs of customers throughout Des Plaines. Whether you have questions, need maintenance or are in the midst of an emergency, we offer 24-hour support to help. Call 224-855-0608 to schedule an appointment, request immediate service or get a free instant quote.

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Having a company take care of all your heating and cooling needs shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with any average shop who cuts corners. Heating and cooling has been our thing since 2016, and it’s apparent in the work we offer to our customers. We’re devoted to extending you the very greatest when it comes to all things HVAC, and we offer free estimates with our jobs.

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