Furnace Services in Elk Grove Village, IL: Repair, Replacement, Maintenance, Tune-up & Cleaning

If you’re looking for the most dependable and affordable furnace maintenance, repair, replacement, or installation company near you, look no further than Local HVAC Repair & Service. Our local technicians are trained for any job, and to get things right the first time. We provide maintenance for the winter season and can handle all your annual maintenance needs. You can also depend on a local contractor to manage the cost of ownership and address any furnace problem in an emergency.

Furnace Maintenance & Tune-up

Winter maintenance is an important part of owning a furnace. Local HVAC Repair & Service can clean burners, flame sensors, and other parts of your appliance as well as replace filters and lubricate parts. We can also check for accumulation of sediment inside the unit or replace a motor or thermocouple before a faulty part causes more damage. New belts can be installed as well. With regular maintenance, you can avoid or put off the price of extensive repairs or replacing your furnace early.

Furnace Repair

Emergency furnace repair is easily addressed by Local HVAC Repair & Service. Fortunately, serious problems don’t have to be go unchecked; our 24-hour local technicians can replace a thermocouple or install a new motor. You can also depend on our Elk Grove Village repair professionals to fix, or replace if necessary, any ignitor, blower, heat exchanger, or thermostat that malfunctions. When there’s a problem with an electrical connection or intake/exhaust line, drain, or control, you can depend on expert technicians near you.

Furnace Replacement

Furnaces that are older than 15 years and/or need frequent repairs should be replaced. The cost of replacement is often less than continuing to pay for more repairs. You can save even more on an energy efficient replacement. If your furnace is making lots of noise, including banging, rattling, or humming sounds, consider replacing it. You may also notice it taking longer to reach the temperature you set the thermostat to, while visible rust or cracks can indicate the unit is reaching the end of its life.

Furnace Installation

Our Elk Grove Village furnace installers handle every step of the process. We’ll help you choose the best furnace for your home and even deliver and connect it. All furnace brands are installed. Our technicians are prompt, careful, and courteous and will leave your home clean when done. At Local HVAC Repair & Service, we can also verify the safety of your appliance and make sure it is running safely, reliably, and efficiently so you have not just comfort, but peace of mind too.

We Service Gas, Electric, and Oil Furnaces

At Local HVAC Repair & Service, we maintain, repair, replace, and install furnaces at a price you can afford. We offer 24-hour service in Elk Grove Village in case you have an emergency. You can therefore always depend on our furnace experts to address your needs. We can help ensure your furnace is more reliable, safe, and energy efficient, while making your home a more comfortable place for the family. For a free estimate and to request service by a technician near you, give us a call today.

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