AC Services in Skokie: Repair, Installation & Replacement

Whether you have a residential or commercial property in Skokie, you can trust Local HVAC and Plumbing for professional AC repair, installation and replacement services. We are a 24-hour air conditioning contractor that can respond to any emergency. Our company is licensed, bonded and insured and we’re committed to high-quality, friendly customer service.

Air Conditioning Repair in Skokie

If you notice unusual noise or your AC breaks down, you can count on us to help you fix it. Our local technicians can be dispatched day or night, so you don’t have to wait. Whether the issue is caused by a mechanical or electrical problem, or a dirty condenser or evaporator coil, we’ll take the appropriate measures to correct it.

You also have a technician near you who can service the air filter, refrigerant pressure and other aspects of your AC system. We can service ductless and mini split systems as well, among the many types and brands of equipment on the market. If the problem is with a thermostat, we can make the appropriate adjustments and repairs, and a leak in your ductwork or AC unit can be addressed quickly and effectively.

AC Installation in Skokie

When installing an air conditioner, it is important to properly size the system to your home or business. The heating and cooling needs of property owners in the Chicago area are unique in that an HVAC system must provide comfort during all seasonal weather extremes. We offer affordable installation along with professional advice and service.

Our company helps residents and business owners select AC systems suited for hot summers and cold winters. We know your home energy bills fluctuate from month to month. To help cut the cost of your bills, we can install high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) appliances and help you save on maintenance and repair costs as well. We specialize in newer, more energy efficient, and quieter HVAC equipment to address the latest requirements.

AC Replacement in Skokie

Our AC replacement professionals help you every step of the way. If you’re air conditioner is more than 10 years old and needs frequent repairs, our local technicians can help decide on the best system to replace it with. A suddenly very noise air conditioner may need expensive repairs; it can be less costly in the long run to replace it. If we think that’s the case, we’ll recommend a system that is most suited for you.

If you’re AC is no longer providing comfort, it breaks down often or uses an older refrigerant, replacing the system is the best option. You can save on repairs, especially if your repair bills would total close to the cost of a new AC, and on utility bills.

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We repair, install, and replace air conditioning systems at an affordable price. To schedule an appointment with Local HVAC and Plumbing, request emergency service or a free quote, call 224-855-0608 today or reach out to us online.

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Having a company take care of all your heating and cooling needs shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with any average shop who cuts corners. Heating and cooling has been our thing since 2016, and it’s apparent in the work we offer to our customers. We’re devoted to extending you the very greatest when it comes to all things HVAC, and we offer free estimates with our jobs.

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