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Excellent Plumbing is a well-known local company that services Chicago suburbs that is available to provide Air Conditioning (AC) installation units and AC systems for residential and commercial customers. We know it can be challenging to find just the right AC system, because there are so many systems on the market today.

At Excellent Plumbing, we have professional and trustworthy technicians standing by to help you navigate the selection process to locate just the right Air Conditioning system for you; one that suits both your budget and needs. From the classic split systems to the ductless mini split systems, our professional technicians will not only help you choose the right system, but they can install and maintain the system as well.

Call us today to get started at: 847-868-1800. We also provide free consultations and technical estimates to help you select the right Air Conditioning system, according to your situation and needs.

Elements to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Conditioning System:

Weather: Chicago’s weather is cold and windy in the winter months, yet hot and muggy in the summer months. As a result, we recommend that you analyze your utility bills for historic trends to identify your energy usage and patterns. With this data, our professional technicians can determine the most appropriate AC system, based on your monthly energy usage and needs.

Efficiency Ratings: Some AC systems come with Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings. These systems are expensive outright, but they become cost-effective over time, due to saving you money with maintenance and usage fees. The higher the SEER rating the more efficient the AC system is.

Repair and Maintenance Costs: The costs of repairing and maintaining your AC system should not be more than the present-day value of your actual system. Typically, as your AC system ages, the maintenance costs will slowly rise.

Noise: Some AC systems are loud when they are fully operating; the older systems tend to be louder than the newer systems, in part due to the technological advances as the newer models are more efficient and manufactured with more advanced equipment. If you notice any banging or unusual sounds coming from your AC system, it probably means that it needs some type of maintenance inspection or repair. For more information view our AC Repair section.

We provide AC Installation in these Chicago suburbs, including: Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Vernon Hills, Palatine and more... Please Contact Us today for your free estimate.

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Having a company take care of all your heating and cooling needs shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with any average shop who cuts corners. Heating and cooling has been our thing since 2016, and it’s apparent in the work we offer to our customers. We’re devoted to extending you the very greatest when it comes to all things HVAC, and we offer free estimates with our jobs.

AC Installation Service