Furnace Installation Service


Local HVAC Repair & Service provides committed, licensed, professional technicians to install furnaces, gas or electric-based for both residential and commercial systems. The most common type of heating system throughout the country are gas furnaces, even though many other types exist, Local HVAC Repair & Service works with and installs gas and electric furnaces the most.

Furnaces are essentially forced air systems that use natural gas or electricity in order to produce heat via a duct system. Local HVAC Repair & Service prides itself on having the experience and understanding to install and repair most types of furnaces on the market today. We can also help you when it comes time to selecting your new furnace system - whether your old one needs replacing or you need to purchase a brand new one - we have trustworthy experts that can help you navigate the furnace selection process.

Local HVAC Repair & Service recommends installing a new furnace when the following occurs:

  • Your furnace takes too long to reach the thermostat temperature
  • Rooms within your home or building all have different temperatures
  • Your monthly energy bills are always on the rise
  • Your furnace is old (more than 15 years)
  • You hear loud banging noises coming from your system.

Our technicians can also recommend installing a new furnace, after servicing your furnace for its routine or scheduled annual maintenance.

Installing a furnace on your own is a complex endeavor; so much so that Local HVAC Repair & Service always recommends that you work with one of our qualified HVAC technicians who has the specialized expertise and necessary tools and equipment to carry out the job. With Local HVAC Repair & Service’s licensed and professional technicians, we guarantee that your new furnace will be installed and fully operating within one day, once we have scheduled a time and day that is convenient for you.

How Much Do Furnaces Cost?

  • Type of energy being used (gas or electric-based)
  • Location and climate
  • Brand and manufacturer
  • Experience and knowledge of the installer
  • Local permits and inspection requirements

Local HVAC Repair & Service knows that while it is tempting to purchase a cheaper or lesser quality furnace, it is not always cost effective in the long-run and recommends that its customers make the additional investment, since a furnace plays such a critical role in your daily life - especially in the Chicago winters! The same concept applies to choosing a furnace installer; while it can seem like a great idea to save money by going with an installation company that offers a cheaper quote, we recommend that you choose Local HVAC Repair & Service, as we offer not only the technical knowledge and experience, but unrivalled expertise and quality service each and every time.

Call us today to get started at: 224-855-0608. We provide free consultations and technical estimates to help you choose the right Furnace System for you and your situation in these Chicago suburbs, including: Buffalo Grove, Arlington Heights, Vernon Hills, Palatine and more....

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Furnace Installation Service