Furnace Services in Arlington Heights, IL: Repair, Replacement, Maintenance, Tune-up & Cleaning

Local HVAC Repair & Service is widely known for high-quality service in Arlington Heights whether you need furnace replacement or a maintenance call or tune-up. We are committed to prompt, professional service and ensuring your home remains safe, warm, and comfortable. Whether you need a new furnace, annual maintenance on your heating system, or a furnace tune-up at a reasonable cost, Local HVAC Repair & Service provides convenient local service and free estimates.

Furnace Maintenance & Tune-up Near You

Annual routine maintenance can avoid costly repairs. Our licensed technicians can clean your gas, oil, or electric furnace; replace dirty filters; lubricate vital parts; and clean burners and flame sensors. Furnace professionals also perform an inspection of the blower, motor, belt, and ductwork in your heating system as well as check for leaks, sediment build-up, corrosion, and other issues. An improperly maintained furnace can drive up energy bills and expose Arlington Heights homes to carbon monoxide and other hazards.

Furnace Repair from a Local Arlington Heights Company

Our contractors near you can address pilot light and ignitor problems, repair cracked heat exchangers, and check/repair thermostats, blowers, and other vital components. They can also measure temperature rise and calibrate your thermostat to determine if everything is working properly. Our service also involves testing the thermocouple and verifying the function and safety of controls. Inspecting intake and exhaust piping, the drain line, and electrical connections are important tasks Local HVAC Repair & Service can handle in Arlington Heights as well.

Professional Furnace Replacement in Arlington Heights

You can rely on our professional technicians to safely replace your furnace. The price of a new furnace can make sense if your system takes too long to reach the desired temperature. Uneven heating in your home, rising energy bills, and loud banging noises are also signs you should consider furnace replacement. It can also save you in the long run if frequent repairs are needed and your furnace is over 15 years old. In most cases, our Arlington Heights installers can complete the job in one day.

Furnace Installation

When there’s more than just a motor problem, we can help you choose a new model that’s best suited your home, install a newer, more energy efficient system, and schedule service at the best time for you. Our technicians are skilled at properly installing and connecting all models of furnaces. A professional installation job ensures your furnace works properly and you can rely on it for many years. We also make sure there are no hidden issues.

Call Local HVAC Repair & Service for Furnace Service Today

Our professional team is experienced fixing, tuning up, and replacing furnaces from any brand or manufacturer. Your heating system is a vital part of your home. Local HVAC Repair & Service is a leading expert in furnaces and can ensure your HVAC system is in perfect working condition and operates safely.
Contact us today to schedule furnace maintenance or a furnace tune-up in Arlington Heights. And when you need furnace replacement, our dedicated technicians can provide the most cost-effective solution, starting with a convenient free estimate.

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Having a company take care of all your heating and cooling needs shouldn’t mean that you’re stuck with any average shop who cuts corners. Heating and cooling has been our thing since 2016, and it’s apparent in the work we offer to our customers. We’re devoted to extending you the very greatest when it comes to all things HVAC, and we offer free estimates with our jobs.

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